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Local Experts: Custom Decks and Porch Builders

Updated: May 21

Why do you need to hire a professional for your custom back deck oasis?


At Decker Exteriors, we offer 20+ years of experience in the deck building industry. Our team strives to bring your creative ideas to life and will be able to achieve your goals at a faster pace and more affordability. Many think a DIY project is less costly, but sometimes doing it yourself can lead to unseen issues and costs. We would be honored to help your dreams come true!

Custom Back Deck


As a Lowe's Pro Member, we are connected to the most experienced professionals who are highly trained in the most efficient tools and materials so can promise results to homeowners!

Simple Addition, porch build with a few steps


As we all know, building and remodeling can get expensive, and we can help you make choices that can save money. When hiring a professional, you're reinsured that the project will be done correctly. Doing it on your own could result in future costs if mistakes are made.

Added steps to a custom screened porch


Hiring a professional could reduce your stress by knowing your custom build is safe for your friends and family. If building yourself, you could run into unexpected difficulties and what may seem to be a minor error at the time could become a major error in the future. With a professional you know your build will have a trustworthy warranty.

At Decker Exteriors, we will get job done safely, efficiently and most affordable for you and your family. Please contact our team today for your free estimate on your new back deck or custom porch/patio!

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